CSC258H5 - Computer Organization - Winter 2020

Mathematical & Computational Sciences, University of Toronto Mississauga

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Course Info Sheets: LEC0101 LEC0102 LEC0103

Please read the course info sheet for the course description, marking schemes, and policies.


  • Larry Zhang (coordinator), office: DH-3070, email: ylzhang AT cs DOT toronto DOT edu
  • Andrew Petersen, office: DH-3096, email: andrew DOT petersen AT utoronto DOT ca

Office Hours

Larry: Tuesday 5:10-6:10, Thursday 11:10-12:40

Andrew: Monday 10:00-12:00, Wednesday 10:00-12:00


Haseeb Choudhary, David Daghelian, Liam Eaton, Shoaib Khan, Carl Marquez

Marco Matamoros, Hans Patrick Paras, Michael "Spok" Szpakowicz, Terry Zhou, Leonard Zhu


LEC0101: Monday 3pm - 5pm, in IB-345

LEC0102: Tuesday 3pm - 5pm, in IB-150

LEC0103: Thursday 9am - 11am, in IB-150


PRA0101: Tuesday 7pm - 9pm, DH-2020

PRA0102: Wednesday 9am - 11am, DH-2020

PRA0103: Wednesday 11am - 1pm, DH-2026

PRA0104: Wednesday 11am - 1pm, DH-2020

PRA0105: Wednesday 1pm - 3pm, DH-2020

PRA0106: Wednesday 3pm - 5pm, DH-2026

PRA0107: Wednesday 3pm - 5pm, DH-2020

PRA0108: Wednesday 5pm - 7pm, DH-2020

PRA0109: Wednesday 5pm - 7pm, DH-2026

PRA0110: Wednesday 7pm - 9pm, DH-2026

PRA0111: Wednesday 7pm - 9pm, DH-2020

Discussion Board

All course-rated discussions as well as course announcements. Daily reading is required.


We do weekly online quizzes on Quercus. Each quiz is typically due on Sunday at 10:00 PM.

You may make three attempts for each quiz and your highest score will be used.


Logged in using UTORid, MarkUs will be used for looking up your term marks.

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Educational Memes

A collection of educational memes contributed by the students and TAs.

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Real-time in-class feedback/questions.


Tentative Weekly Schedule

M-F Date Topics and Readings Lectures Labs Quizzes (on Quercus)

Week 1 Jan 6-10

Intro; Transistors; Basic Logic Circuit

Larry's files

Andrew's files

No lab

Logisim Reference


No quiz

Week 2 Jan 13-17

Combinational Circuit Design; K-Map

Larry's files

Andrew's files

Lab 1

Quiz 1 (due Jan 19, 10pm)

Week 3 Jan 20-24

Logical Devices: Muxes, Adders, Decoders

Larry's files

Andrew's files

Lab 2 (prelab due Jan 21, 6pm)

Quiz 2 (due Jan 26, 10pm)

Week 4 Jan 27-31

Sequential Circuits: Latches and Flip-Flops

Larry's files

Andrew's files

Lab 3 (prelab due Jan 28, 6pm)

Quiz 3 (due Feb 2, 10pm)

Week 5 Feb 3-7

Registers; Counters; FSMs

Larry's files

Andrew's files

Lab 4 (prelab due Feb 4, 6pm)

Quiz 4 (due Feb 9, 10pm)

Week 6 Feb 10-14

Latency; Processor Components

Larry's files

Andrew's files

Lab 5 (prelab due Feb 11, 6pm)

Quiz 5 (due Feb 16, 10pm)

Feb 17-21

No lecture in Reading Week

Past midterm


No Lab

Week 7 Feb 24-28

Processor Components Cont.

Midterm Test on Feb 24

Larry's files

Andrew's files

Midterm solution

Remarking form

No Quiz

Week 8 Mar 2-6


Larry's files

Andrew's files

Datapath handout

Lab 6 (prelab due Mar 3, 6pm)

Quiz 6 (due Mar 8, 10pm)

Week 9 Mar 9-13

Assembly I

Larry's files

Andrew's files

MIPS assembly reference

Machine code reference

Lab 7 (prelab due Mar 10, 6pm)

Starter circuit

Assembly Project

Quiz 7 (due Mar 15, 10pm)

Week 10 Mar 16-20

Assembly II

Larry's files

Andrew's files

Lab 8 (code submission due Mar 19, 10pm)


Quiz 8 (due Mar 22, 10pm)

Week 11 Mar 23-27

Assembly III; Parallelism

Larry's files

Andrew's files

Lab 9 (code submission due Mar 26, 10pm)

Quiz 9 (due Mar 29, 10pm)

Week 12 Mar 30-Apr 3

Final Review

Larry's files

Andrew's files

  • Slides
  • No reading guide this week

Lab 10 (code submission due Apr 2, 10pm)

Assembly Project due on Apr 3



When: Monday, February 24, 7:10 PM - 8:40 PM

Where: IB-120 (UTORID A-M) and MN-1210 (UTORID N-Z)

Duration: 90 minutes

Aids allowed: None

Bring your student card.

IMPORTANT: Please contact the instructor by January 31 if you have a time conflict for the test.

Past midterm  Solution

Our midterm solution

Remarking request form

Final Exam

Please read the announcements on the discussion board regarding the final exam.