CSC263H: Problem Sets

Where to Submit

We are using MarkUs for all problem set submissions. For a given problem set, each submission hides your previous submission; the submission that we mark is the final one submitted before the deadline.

MarkUs also allows you to form groups. When working in a group on a problem set, you must form a group and submit only one copy of your submission. To form a group, one student should invite the other students to join. Then, those students who are invited must accept the invitation. To work by yourself, you must click Work Alone before you can submit files.

LaTeX and Submissions

Remember that you are required to submit your problem sets as both LaTeX .tex source files and .pdf files. There is a 10% penalty on the assignment for failing to submit both the .tex and .pdf.

We recommend using so that you don't have to install LaTeX locally and so you can collaborate easily with your group.

Useful tutorials:

Useful LaTeX files:

Re-mark Requests

Problem Sets

To compile the problem sets (e.g. if you want to add your answers into the problem set .tex files), you'll want this assignment-263.cls class file and ut-csc.sty style file on which the problem sets are based.

Problem Set Topic Due Date
Probability practice sheet pdf Probability pre-requisites Ungraded. Attempt yourself, and discuss
Problem Set 1: PDF, LaTeX Source pretend_sorted_array_test_case pretend_sorted_array_soln pretend_sorted_array_small_test_case pretend_sorted_array_small_soln
Runtime Analysis; Priority Queues Monday, Jan 27, 10pm
Problem Set 2: PDF, LaTeX Source
BSTs; Balanced BSTs; Augmentation; Hash tables **Thursday**, Feb 27, 10pm
Problem Set 3: PDF, LaTeX Source, chase_map.pdf,, cities_test_case_1, cities_test_case_2
Hashing; BFS; DFS; MST; Disjoint Sets Monday, Mar 30, 10pm Wednesday, Apr 1, 10pm