CSC263H: Tutorials


In tutorials, we are asking you to be in an "active learning mode", i.e., you should try to solve a problem by yourself (and your group partners) rather than passively receiving an answer from the TA. Tutorials are where you will practice applying the material to new problems. TAs will be present to answer questions and provide guidance, sometimes in the form of extra examples, sometimes in the form of feedback on your own work. The value of the tutorials is that you get to find out whether or not you are able to apply the material to solve new problems (something you will have to do anyway on homework and tests), with the benefit of someone there who is experienced enough to guide you, correct your misunderstandings, and ensure that you know how to apply what you've learned.

Week/topic Materials
Week 2: Runtime Analysis Handout
Additional notes
Week 3: Priority Queue Handout
Week 4: Binary Search Tree Handout
Week 5: AVL-Tree Handout
Week 6: Hash Table Handout
Week 7: Amortized Analysis Handout
Week 8: Mock Midterm Handout
Week 9: Graph; BFS Handout
Week 10: DFS Handout
Week 11: MST; Disjoint Sets Handout