CSC324H: Course Webpage


Welcome to CSC324! In this course, you'll learn about programming paradigms that are quite different from the imperative approach you've seen in other courses. We'll study Racket and Haskell, two functional programming languages, and compare and contrast these languages with languages with which you're already familiar (Python and Java). Why? We want to help you go beyond any particular programming language, and understand core conceptual differences between languages. We think this will make you a better programmer, no matter the language!

Here is the course information sheet, which contains the course policies.

Course Notes

The required material for the course is the CSC324 Coursepack written by David Liu from the St. George campus. We will follow these notes closely. They also contain various exercises that are great practice for the course!

Contact Information

Instructor Lecture Times Office Hours Email
Dan Zingaro (coordinator) L0101 W 13:00-15:00, DH2060 M 15:00-17:00
and open door policy (DH3078)
daniel.zingaro at utoronto dot ca
Lisa Zhang L0102 W 17:00-19:00, DH2060 T 14:00-16:00
and open door policy (DH3068)
I also have OH W 13:00-16:00 for another course.
lczhang at cs dot toronto dot edu