CSC148H: Course Webpage


Welcome to CSC148H! This is an Introduction to Computer Science at UTM. In this course, we'll study program design principles, object-oriented programming, recursion and recursive data structures (including lists and trees), efficiency, and sorting.

Here is the course information sheet, which contains the course policies.

Contact Information

Instructor Lecture Times Office Hours Email
Dan Zingaro (coordinator) L0103 MWF 13:00-14:00
MW CC1080
F IB120
MW 15:00-16:30
and open door policy (DH3078)
daniel.zingaro at utoronto dot ca
Samar Sabie L0101 MWF 9:00-10:00
W 10:30-12:00
F 16:00-17:30
and open door policy (DH3097D)
samar.sabie at cs dot utoronto dot ca
Ritu Chaturvedi L0102 MWF 10:00-11:00
MF IB345
W CC1140
M 11:30-13:00
T 11:00-12:30
and open door policy (DH3074)
ritu.chaturvedi at utoronto dot ca