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Welcome to CSC108H5F, an Introduction to Computer Programming! By the end of this course, you should be comfortable with procedural programming in Python and will have been exposed to software development topics like testing, design, and documentation. You will also be exposed to some core computer science ideas, such as complexity, abstraction, and the use of algorithms.

Successful students from past terms agree that the keys to this course are (1) frequent practice and (2) being active in the community. First, read or write Python code every day — if only for a few minutes — rather than cramming the exercises and assignments into full-day sessions. This will make lectures easier to understand, will give you plenty of time to ask questions, and utilizes spaced repetition, which has been shown to improve learning. Second, make friends with your peers in lecture and labs. You will see the people in this class also taking MAT102, calculus, and in later computer science courses. Communicate with each other on the discussion board, form study groups, and look for departmental seminars and social events to get engaged early.

Here is the course information sheet, which contains the course policies.

Contact Information

Instructors: Michael Liut Vincent Maccio Andrew Petersen
Paul Vrbik
Office: DH-3017 DH-3015 DH-3096 DH-3023
Office Hours: M 1-2, W 1-3 W 3-4, F 3-4 M 3-5, F 11-12 W 1-3
Lectures: MWF 12-1, W 6-9 MWF 2-3 MWF 9-10, MWF 10-11 MWF 11-12, T 6-9
Email: Email the coordinator at