CSC108H: Course Webpage


Welcome to CSC108H, an Introduction to Computer Programming! By the end of this course, you should be comfortable with procedural programming in Python, specifically you will be well versed in boolean logic, if statements, for/while loops, lists, file I/O, and dictionariess, as well as familiar with core computer science topics like algorithms and complexity.


Vincent Maccio (course coordinator)
Office: DH 3015
Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 4-5
Syllabus: Lec 103

Ilir Dema
Office: DH3013
Office Hours: Monday 9-10, Wednesday 10-12, and Friday 3-5
Syllabus: Lec 104, Lec 106

Paul Vrbik
Office: DH 3072
Office Hours: Wednesday 2-4
Syllabus: Lec 101, Lec 102

Michael Liut
Office: DH 3058
Office Hours: Tuesday 4-6, and Wednesday 11-12 and 1-2
Syllabus: Lec 105