Winter 2021

CSC476H5 – Introduction to Continuum Robots

Stay tuned for more information on this course!

Winter 2020

CSC263H5S – Data Structures and Analysis

Students will learn learn important data structures and abstract data types useful for both organizing programs and making them faster; and to reason about the efficiency of algorithms. The course covers:

  • Algorithm analysis: worst-case, average-case, and amortized complexity
  • Standard abstract data types, such as graphs, dictionaries, priority queues, and disjoint sets
  • A variety of data structures for implementing these abstract data types, such as balanced search trees, hashing, heaps and disjoint forests
  • Design, implementation and comparison of data structures. Introduction to lower bounds.

Fall 2019

CSC376H5 – Fundamentals of Robotics

Students will learn basic methodologies, tools, and concepts to build a foundation for advanced topics in robotics (CSC476, CSC477, CSC2621). Concepts covered in the course are robot components and designs; rigid body motions; forward, velocity and inverse kinematics; trajectory generation and motion planning.