Grassmann, Reinhard and Burgner-Kahrs, Jessica
IEEE Robotics & Automation Letters, 4(4):4192 - 4199, 2019
Publication year: 2019


Smooth position and orientation interpolation has a great effect on the performance of robot manipulators. Interpolation between several via positions can be done in a straightforward manner, which is well covered in the literature. However, generating a suitable trajectory between several orientations is still an open problem. In this letter, we introduce a novel trajectory generator capable of respecting kinematic limits. We address the problem of generating a singularity-free trajectory for multiple via poses in SE(3), while complying with the requirement of C 4 continuity. To achieve this, a smooth trapezoidal-like velocity profile and unit quaternions are used. A simulation platform in V-REP based on a 7-DOF lightweight robot, including inverse kinematics and dynamics is used to demonstrate the effectiveness of our trajectory generator.